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 GM Interactive Design Competition 2012

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GM Interactive Design Competition 2012 Empty
PostSubject: GM Interactive Design Competition 2012   GM Interactive Design Competition 2012 EmptyFri Sep 14, 2012 2:31 pm

An inspiring design competition for students in the USA and Canada.

Phase 1 of the competition now closed. The finalists will be announced soon.


On the homepage you will see four GM logos: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC.

Each of these brands set a brief, which students had to read very carefully. You can read the different briefs by clicking on each of the logos on the homepage.

Students were asked to choose the brief or brand that most interested them (although there was no limit to how many they could enter!)

Important rule:

Students MUST submit two separate entries against that brief (one Interior entry and one Exterior entry).

We know it’s easy to forget, it is a very tiny sentence that can be easily overlooked. This is why we put various messages and buttons and banners around the site as a reminder (there will really be no excuse in the end!)

So, all they needed to do was prove to the impressive line-up of world-class designers (the judges) that they have the talent, passion, creativity and expertise to join their team! Easier said than done, we know, but we promise they had some fun at the same time because there’s something special about this competition…

Who can see the entries?

Answer: Everyone!

This is an open, online competition that allows any visitor on the site to see the submissions. And more importantly, the competition is interactive, so anybody who joins the website and creates their own profile can make comments! They can ‘like’ them, ‘follow’ them and help the students along their way.

In addition, (did you really think that was it?) students will have their own mentors to guide, support, encourage them and basically offer their knowledge, know-how and words of wisdom throughout the competition. The mentors are top designers from GM and from our competition partners: Alcantara, CGT PACE, and SRG Global. Wow. What other competition can offer you face-to-face interaction with senior designers from global companies? Well, not quite face-to-face, but screen-to-screen, keyboard-to-keyboard, button-to-button, mouse-to-mouse… You get the gist.

This is why it was VERY important for students to start uploading their ideas, sketches, mood boards, right from the start. This competition is all about progression, so we all wanted to see the journey they took to get to their final submissions. And the sooner they submitted something, the more feedback they got from their mentors and from the wider design community!

Competition timeframe:

May 2012 Competition launch (Phase 1)

September 2nd 2012 Phase 1 deadline

Mid-September 2012 Finalists announced

October 2012 Phase 2 [for finalists] is launched (finalists compete against each other to be an eventual winner)

Early-December 2012 Phase 2 (for finalists) deadline. All finalists are invited to the NAIAS in January 2013

Early-December 2012 Finalists attend the NAIAS in Detroit for the announcement of the winners. The work of the finalists will also be displayed to the professional design community at the auto show.

We hope you enjoy the competition

If you have any questions please contact...

Ashleigh, our operational manager will
be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Get in contact with Ashleigh here[url][/url]
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GM Interactive Design Competition 2012
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